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Sit back, enjoy the experience and recharge your batteries. We take care of everything

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A friendly travelling atmosphere, make new acquaintances and often lifelong friends.


A culinary journey, with flexible itineraries sensitive to current feelings and situations.

In Cyclades you experience the pure Mediterranean

You immerse yourself into the pristine island of Naxos. You meet rural locals, spend time in their gardens, eat and talk with them, experience life through their eyes.

In contrast to experiencing the organic life in Naxos, you luxuriate in Santorini with a selection of the best things that the island has to offer.

Cycladic style hotels, wine tasting in a charming winery, and a walk with spectacular views that at sunset, turns into a dinner that you will never forget. Check out the tour.

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Photo shows how we enjoy dinner while the full moon spread the moonlight

Go crazy about Naples in the South of Italy

In lemon garden terraces your hands peel lemon zests and immerse them in spirit. You embed the essence of the Amalfi Coast in your limoncello liquor.

A cheese-maker kneads buffalo milk to mozzarella as you watch. It’s amazing. And then you taste it.

Fishing nets and boats scattered in Procida invite you for a harbour lunch with pasta and fish. Another day you enjoy spaghetti and pizza in panoramic Posillipo. Your eyes capture the view of entire Gulf of Naples with Capri, Sorrento and volcano of Vesuvius.

You are in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. You dine on fresh seafood, chat with new friends, sip wine. The Moon, now full, spreads its silver light across the sea, and makes the village picturesque beyond words. 

Every experience is carefully curated to take you outside yourself. Check out the tour >>.

“Lots of things are always happening and  I don’t have to worry about anything as it’s all taken care of. They cater for your ever desire and you feel like royalty throughout the tour.”

Alenka Planinšek

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Provence with Lavender in bloom

In contrast to experiencing the capital city of Marseille with the Castle of If and Vieux Port, you immerse yourself in marshes of Camargue where the river Rhone embraces the sea. You meet local cowboys taking care of white horses and bull crops. 

An authentic hotel that you’ll sleep in is set in an ex-stable. There are still horses around and birds, frogs, canes, semi-salted lakes…

In Provencal hinterland lavender flourish right at the time of your visit. You admire unique scenery with blue-purple fields. You visit some of the most beautiful villages and enjoy coffee or a lunch. 

In remote meadows, that you stroll in, you make your own bouquet from wild organic lavender. >>
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Across Italy like a savvy traveller

In Naples, Rome, Venice,…, wherever you go you feel at home. Yours is a hassle-free journey. Like a real local. Your luggage travels separately and waits for you in your room in Naples, Rome, Venice,… 

Check out this tour here >>

Imagine yourself with other fellow travellers, new and old friends, to walk freely across Italian markets, squares, to enjoy pasta on a scenic spot, taste wines, cheeses, ride a bicycle. This is The Salt of Life way.

“This is a tour to recharge your batteries. Instead of seeing the cultural and religious monuments you see the beauty of the place and how people there live. This is a tour that unites all the passengers that want to have a good time and enjoy the natural beauties, drinks and cuisine. It’s a tour that changes travellers into good acquaintances or even friends.” 

Stanislav Flajs

Paths away from your average tourist trail

Years ago I was a tour guide for a large Slovenian agency. Now I use my 25 years of experience to create an amazing travel adventure for you

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