Culinary Experience

Food is life. It nourishes us.

cooking lesson greece naxos

Food is bound together with stories of people we meet and the traditions we discover. 

Bombard your senses with a selection of the most exquisite food made only from fresh and natural, local ingredients.

Sample the local market, eat in an old mill, on the farm in nature, at one with the landscape. The best pairing for good food and wine is a beautiful location. 

We’ve done the legwork to find the most picturesque, most memorable, most breathtaking locations for every meal.

shepherd cuts mouton in sardinia

Authenticity is our watchword.

Taverns, restaurants – yes – but also into the heart of  people’s lives. 

Authentic dishes, inspired by local tradition, with the right touch of modernity. 

Your journey will introduce you to local farmers and shop owners, home cooks and others utterly unconnected to mainstream tourism, but who form an integral part of the Salt of Life experience.


Spark your emotions and add to your knowledge and experience of the world around you.

At the Salt of Life, we have explored the Mediterranean for 20+ years in search of the best dishes, the most talented chefs and the most incredible locations.

Trust us to serve up the best culinary experience you’ve ever had!

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Why Us?

Our unique approach will change the way you view travel forever!

Culinary travel

Sample local markets, eat in an old mill, on the farm, in the nature, at one with the landscape.

Travel with friends

You and I will most likely become friends or at least very good acquantances.

A flexible journey

Adjustable to the conditions and the current situation. We’ll listen to your mood.

Element of surprise

Unforgettable experiences, spontaneity, excitement and adventure.

Everything taken care of

Don’t worry, relax, just enjoy. Everything is taken care of for you.

Authentic experiences

Travel the real Mediterranean, not the cookie-cutter tourist façade.