A flexible journey

A journey that is adjusting to you, not the program

lagoon of grado near venice
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Experience a journey that is tailored to your every desire. To the weather, your mood and your feeling.  

The  Mediterranean is a rich and especially beautiful place. Live it, enjoy it, savour every moment.

During the course of the tour (and from previous tours), we get to know you.

We learn what you like.

And then do everything in our power to deliver.

To tailor the tour to you.


grapes fruit naxos

Just so we could see the amazement and joy in your eyes.

This is how the tour matures, ripens.

When it’s ripening you have to give it special care and attention and you imagine whom will you surprise with the fruit.

Somebody likes sour apples, others like them sweet.

You can decide when to pick the fruit.

You make this decision when it is ripening.

So a journey is like a fruit, adjusting to your flavour.

Choose your orchard here.

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Why Us?

Our unique approach will change the way you view travel forever!

Culinary travel

Sample local markets, eat in an old mill, on the farm, in the nature, at one with the landscape.

Travel with friends

You and I will most likely become friends or at least very good acquantances.

A flexible journey

Adjustable to the conditions and the current situation. We’ll listen to your mood.

Element of surprise

Unforgettable experiences, spontaneity, excitement and adventure.

Everything taken care of

Don’t worry, relax, just enjoy. Everything is taken care of for you.

Authentic experiences

Travel the real Mediterranean, not the cookie-cutter tourist façade.

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