Hassle-free all inclusive

If you want to be without a single worry throughout the whole tour, this is for you

baloon flight cappadocia
hassle free tour include carriage
picnic with shephed included in price
flamenco show performance in sacromonte granada

Absolutely everything is taken care of. Relax, enjoy, recharge your batteries and unburden yourself from the stresses of everyday life.

Can you enjoy 2 hours of “free time” to search aimlessly in a foreign country for a quality local meal? 

Comparing prices and coordinating different desires of your friends or family?

What about paying extras? Thinking and counting if it’s worth visiting places that were planned ahead and should be included in the price?

Probably not. You left the comfort of your home to relax. To enjoy and be inspired.

This is what it is about.

winery in santorini visit included
hotel included

What the Salt of life offers is complete.

You don’t have to organize a thing. You become like royalty on the tour.

Put your wallet away. Don’t worry about add-ons, extras, or hidden costs because with SOL,
everything is included.

Don’t worry about food and preparing sandwiches for the journey. All the food is already taken
care of and is always nothing less than top-notch.

Don’t worry about where you will sleep – hotels will be clean, comfortable and with a story, a purpose.

You want it taken care of for you.

Let yourself relax and enjoy yourself.

if you’re served a coffee, it’s included. 

That cooking experience in a homely kitchen? Included.

The sparkling water on the table, the afternoon stop for wine tasting, the boat ride through
canals – it’s all included.

So you don’t have to think if you want to take pleasure in a glass or two of wine because it is
already included.

The same is true for local transport, riding a panoramic bike or open bus, riding horses, music
evening, jeeps, trains, ride in a carriage or a hot-air balloon, entry tickets, and other attractions.

Our carefully-planned journeys runs smoothly without delays, waiting or thinking – should I or shouldn’t I?

So sit back and enjoy.

We promise this will be the most fluid, most enjoyable, and most well thought-out trip you’ve ever taken.

If you are ready for a tour of your life, check out the destinations.


Check out the destinations

Our adventures and stories of travelling the world!

Why Us?

Our unique approach will change the way you view travel forever!

Culinary travel

Sample local markets, eat in an old mill, on the farm, in the nature, at one with the landscape.

Travel with friends

You and I will most likely become friends or at least very good acquantances.

A flexible journey

Adjustable to the conditions and the current situation. We’ll listen to your mood.

Element of surprise

Unforgettable experiences, spontaneity, excitement and adventure.

Everything taken care of

Don’t worry, relax, just enjoy. Everything is taken care of for you.

Authentic experiences

Travel the real Mediterranean, not the cookie-cutter tourist façade.