High Quality of Service

An appropriately higher standard of service

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The hotels, the food and drinks, transport and any other services offered are chosen with extreme care. They offer you a high level of quality for your maximum enjoyment.

You can only enjoy the tour if you are well rested, and well fed.
When there is a need to change locations you have to be comfortable and relaxed.

And many other details along the way. That will always be taken care of.

But it’s not enough. More has to be offered for a superb experience.


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Travel while you sleep

When we talk about hotels, we choose places that offer much more than just a bed for the night.

They are high quality (usually 4 star), functional, modern and with a story to tell.

Maybe they were a monastery, a stable or a mill in past life.

So you travel even when you sleep. No unnecessary time wasted away from the life of the destination.

The perfect locations for the hotels and accommodation is essential in this.

So you can have an evening stroll in the city, a morning jog in the park.

Feel the pulse of the city

Watch people go to work and watch marketplaces become alive,…

It’s the same for culinary delights.

Authentic. Top quality.

It has to be that way.

Read our approach to food here.

And we also know how to choose the right partners for everything else so that the journey of
your life runs smoothly.

Whether it is a bike ride, open-roof bus, a carriage, hot-air balloon, tastings of local produce or
anything else prepared for you.

All ready to amaze you and give you the trip of a lifetime.

Give it a try. It will change the way you travel forever.


Check out the destinations

Our adventures and stories of travelling the world!

Why Us?

Our unique approach will change the way you view travel forever!

Culinary travel

Sample local markets, eat in an old mill, on the farm, in the nature, at one with the landscape.

Travel with friends

You and I will most likely become friends or at least very good acquantances.

A flexible journey

Adjustable to the conditions and the current situation. We’ll listen to your mood.

Element of surprise

Unforgettable experiences, spontaneity, excitement and adventure.

Everything taken care of

Don’t worry, relax, just enjoy. Everything is taken care of for you.

Authentic experiences

Travel the real Mediterranean, not the cookie-cutter tourist façade.

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