Travel with friends

Feel the personal touch throughout your journey.

Limoncello on the boat
sardinia by boat

It’s not just the food, and experiences that are authentic. But also the relationships. 

As a Salt of Life traveller you aren’t just travelling with a guide. You travel with a friend.

Our relationship is not just a business transaction.

You and I, Leon will most likely become friends or at least very good acquaintances.

You can always easily approach me.throughout the trip.

Your needs and wants will be met.

You get my full attention.

I would do whatever is required to ensure maximum enjoyment throughout the trip.

a glas of wine between friends
friends on beach in lagoon of vencice

You are dealing with people that appreciate you and wish you well.

I know all my travellers and have hosted many of them in my home and also visited many in

This is our way.

Once you discover it you will never want to travel any other way again.

Get ready to experience personal attention like nothing you’ve seen before.

Check out the destinations

Our adventures and stories of travelling the world!

Why Us?

Our unique approach will change the way you view travel forever!

Culinary travel

Sample local markets, eat in an old mill, on the farm, in the nature, at one with the landscape.

Travel with friends

You and I will most likely become friends or at least very good acquantances.

A flexible journey

Adjustable to the conditions and the current situation. We’ll listen to your mood.

Element of surprise

Unforgettable experiences, spontaneity, excitement and adventure.

Everything taken care of

Don’t worry, relax, just enjoy. Everything is taken care of for you.

Authentic experiences

Travel the real Mediterranean, not the cookie-cutter tourist façade.