A Nativity Scene made of Sand in Rimini, Italy

Post about a Nativity scene made of sand in the Italian city of Rimini. About some pleasant sights there, weather …

A little bit south from here sunny weather is promised for today. I’m already on the way to Rimini (not alone), where on the beach a nativity scene made of sand has been created.
Here in the north of Italy now occasionally raindrops are falling, but in the south clouds are red – promised sun seems to become reality in Rimini today.
On a highway a coffee & brioche break. It is time for a light Italian breakfast with cappuccino and pastry.

I continue the way in the direction of the south – sun rays have penetrated through the clouds, promises are getting true. Now sun rays have penetrated windshield and reached us in the car – it’s getting really fine, worm – we have just switched the heating off and put on sunglasses.

Approaching Rimini is a feeling full of modest but very fine expectations – it is a characteristic and intimate city – I’m always looking forward to paying a visit there.

Oh fine – we are already treading through the lively streets which are “charged with prechristmas protons” or if you like “the advent ones”. Locals are collecting ideas for present purchases, they meet friends – some of them wonder a beautiful sunny day – but they do small purchases as well, not only getting the ideas. Hehe: who will make a big surprise for friends and family?

Now we turned right on the corner of the food market – tasty odours are spread around and reach my nose – I can not resist any more: “Mi scusi, una buona piadineria, dove’?” O nice, right there, piada – local food – and wine? Do you have a glass of Sangiovese as well? Great! Please fill it with daily squashy cheese, Prosciutto (dry-cured ham) and arugula. Few minutes and I am grounding all of the ingredients into a culinary symphony – here and there I fill me with a sip of spiritual potion, the Sangiovese wine, which keeps characters of Romagna (a region of Italy): smiles, sea, farmers’ simplicity and full-bodied as they, kindness …

With Nativity scene in minds, we continue our way to ancient triumphal arch dedicated to the first Roman emperor Augustus. Some photos and few words about Pax Augusta … piazza Tre Martiri is the right place for Italian style Espresso – experiences, tastings, walks, reasoning … all are part of travelling – on the way to roman bridge stop at Casa del Chirurgo with Roman mosaic. Some shop showcases are too attractive to resist – a reason for free time to pasture our eyes. Me – I’ve gazed at ochre lifestyle shoes, which I let them to leave my minds only at our arrival to the Roman bridge. Unique again – monument from Roman times – build of white marble, Tiberius Bridge contrasts with other building materials used for other edifices.

Tiberius bridge is a starting point for a walk that excites me particularly. The cultural transformation and activity here was (and to a little extent still is) affecting. Today almost nothing to see, but on the conscious a unique area. Briefly – theme for entire post – the Marecchia river bed was transformed into a channel fishing harbour. Don’t expect to find romantic Borgo Marinaro fishermen here today, but many large modern fishing ships sail out for fishing and turn back with a catch of the very high quality. On this sunny day hundred of ships are tied to bollards – seems that fishermen have a day off – there is no activity at all, or only one boat with steel fishermen entered the Harbour in the Channel.

Ok, some photos with boats, a local on the bike, famous lighthouse in the back … – here I share such a photo with you – a walk that doesn’t promise too much, or nothing particularly special, but my ability to experience (emotion) here are strongly supported by the cultural development of the harbour, and by understanding – sorry – of the extraordinary taste of local catch. Feelings here are simply great.


And finally, I (we, as I travel with a small groupe) reached Nativity scene made of sand. Artists worked with sand only, they did great work but me – sorry – I prefered to exit from the exposition tent and catch last sun rays of the day.

Before the way back to the north I discovered a new eatery with fresh local fishes. I’m surprised by Italian style frittura mista – just now in front of me – of thiny vegetables and cuttlefish, common sole (three of them I’ve bought for my family on the local marketplace), prawns and anchovies. Sorry, let me eat, I couldn’t write while eating, but later on the motorway, I’ll write you something more maybe … yes here we are on the way back, driver at the steering wheel drives us into the rainy north. Here I finish to write down today impressions. Hopefully, you virtually travelled with me by reading this post. Bye-bye.

Tomorrow a special day – home festivity, making prosciutto, salami, coppa, sausages …

Leon Saksida

Leon Saksida

S Potovanji posebne sorte sem pričel pred 15 leti iz strasti po doživljanju sveta in življenja okrog nas. Krajine in ljudje v njih, narava, tržnice, hrana … Leta sem preživel na agencijskih potovanjih, ki sem jih vodil po Sredozemlju. Res nisem videl več smisla v srednjeveških stolpih ali čakanju v vrsti v dežju ali na vročem soncu za klasične turistične oglede.

Hrepenel sem po tem, da vam pokažem resničen svet. Požeti nasmeške z obrazov ljudi, popiti v družbi malo vina, občudovati sonce, ko zahaja.

Verjamem v boljši način potovanja.

Da ko potuješ, čutiš svet, ljudi … in lastno življenje. Da greš naprej z novimi močmi, za navdih.

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