A Journey to Naples


Inspire yourself in probably the most scenic place under the Sun.

Departure: 4 May 2020

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Price: 1749 eur

Inspiring Travel

The city of Naples is crazy-beautiful

On this journey you face several unbelievable, almost crazy things. Views across the city and the Gulf of Naples are extremely beautiful. The food you taste – seafood pasta, pizza, mozzarella –  reveal to you the beauty of the spot in its own way.

You sit in a restaurant and sip wine with fish. Later, you’ll be discovering the undergrounds of the city, marketplaces, lifestyle, and other things that will inspire you for the rest of your life.

Look at Goethe who reached Naples in early 1787:

“Now I can forgive anyone for going off his head about Naples…“

“I barely recognise myself and I seem entirely different person. Yesterday I thought, “Either you were mad before, or you are now.”

Positano beach

The Neapolitan Countryside and the Islands

You stroll between lemon gardens on Amalfi Coast. From time to time you win beautiful views, you see villages, and then enter them, the bay, meet people in the gardens. You love to taste local wine, limoncello liqueur, and dishes cooked from local products.

A private boat shows you the Amalfi Coast with Positano from the sea. You reach legendary Sirenuse islands and Faraglioni sea stacks, and later you land in the island of Capri. From the Imperial Villa and August’s gardens your eyes will sip unique beauty.

You are on this journey to inspire yourself in probably the most scenic place under the Sun. Before you couldn’t even dream that something similar like Naples and surroundings exists.

What makes this journey unique:

Pasta with clams
Castelnuovo, Naples
Pine tree naples
View from parco vergiliano

Care free travel

Sit back and enjoy the experience

You travel across the Campania with no worries. In fact, you are here to inspire yourself, to enjoy your life. We take complete care of your trip and make it unforgettable. On the travel I’m present personally, I guide it,  so you are escorted all the time.

In Cap Posillipo with parks and villas you stroll as a savvy traveller until you reach the plateau where Neapolitan mouse surprised both Tom and Jerry with spectacular views to the island of Procida. A bit later you sail there to have lunch in the same fishing harbour where the Postino movie was filmed.

For you the trip runs free of worries. You meet local people that tell you their way of living Naples.

Hotels are all beautiful, the best local food, drinks, entrances, transportation,  … everything is included. Now you don’t need to care about bills, costs, money.

H HOME (2)
Panoramic view from Sorrento

A panoramic journey

Naples and its surroundings grow on you.

During your breakfast in Sorrento the entire Gulf of Naples reflects in your eyes and you look at the bay and the city of Naples from VesuviusYour dinner in Positano is enriched with a spectacular view across the city and the Gulf of Salerno

Your eyes admire probably the most wonderful region from different viewpoints. You sit at the top of cabriolet sightseeing bus, which meanders down the streets so you don’t miss a thing.

The journey is panoramic in another sense as well. You get a broad survey over the phenomenon that attracts legends and great people of all the times. 

Stories that you hear interlace the history, culture, climate, food, and legends. While you eat, stroll, chat, visit buffalo farm, sail,…, whatever you do Naples and its surroundings grow on you.

“It was the most beautiful travel in my life. Thank you for unconventional show of Naples and Campania, for particular panoramas, culinary experiences, … for everything that happened to me in the past days.”

Tanja Kukec Žilnik

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Next date: 4th – 10th May 2020

Neapolitan Food

Culinary is an entire world that reflects the complexity of the place

Pasta, pizza, and mozzarella, along with other food, present you the destination in its own way. You taste local cheeses in a farm, sip the Amalfi Coast with limoncello and wine. Pasta embraces an important chapter from the history, and pizza another one.

Naples is also the best place to enjoy the seafood. You eat with new friends in panoramic restaurants and at the best pizza makers. Like a local, you try pizza with your hands, it’s beautiful. You attend the pasta making in a workshop, cheese-makers show you the way mozzarella is crafted while you make your own limoncello with help of a local, right in his lemon garden.

The appearance of the food that you are served with attract your attention. You appreciate the delicacy of the taste and the smell and other qualities. In a tavern, pizzeria, on the farm, the food is always of superior quality.

Best pizza in the world
pasta from gragnano
tomato from vesuvius

“Bravo Leon,

maybe someone from your readers thinks that you are  “full of it”. 

It is not true – visiting Naples and its surroundings with Leon is an amazing experience. 

A hello to everyone still on the fence. This was the best trip I ever had!” 

Marko Drakskobler

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Next date: 4th – 10th May 2020

History and culture

The Navel of the western culture

Due to an extremely beautiful landscape and mild climate, Naples was the chosen one to live in and work. Imagine long list of roman emperors, historians, nobles, legendary Sirens, writers like Cervantes, poems, dancers …

It surprises you when you learn that Naples is the navel of western culture. In fact, from Greek philosophers, through roman nobility, medieval and modern thinkers Naples supply the western world with philosophy, literature, music, or, if you want, with pizza and pasta.

Sophia Loren, Enrico Caruso, Bud Spencer are a few of them who born in Naples. Others originate here, like Bruce Springsteen, Ayrton Senna, Massimo Troisi,… I mean, travelling to Naples is not just to go somewhere.

Pompeii and Vesuvius
lucija 2


Siren Partenope blessed the city

The city of Naples is dedicated to music. On the journey you listen to local music, learn the meaning. Great songs and names originate there: O’ sole mio, Santa Lucia, Caruso, Bruce Springsteen, We involve local people to sing.

In reality everything related to music started with legendary Sirens. They were the first to choose Naples to become the city of music. The Islands of the Sirens are just off shore, we sail close, you hear the story of Odysseus.

A New Way to Explore the Mediterranean

Hi, my name is Leon.

The Salt of Life was born 15 years ago from a passion for experiencing life and the world around us. Landscapes, people, nature, markets, food …

… But it wasn’t always this way.

I spent years travelling the Mediterranean as a tour guide and manager for the mainstream travel agencies.

Sure I developed an intimate knowledge of the destinations, but it drove me crazy!

The programs the tour operators put together were dull and boring. I longed to show people the real Mediterranean. To share a glass of local wine and a smile and a beautiful sunset. But my hands were tied.

Trying to get the agencies to change was like banging my head against the wall. They refused to listen! I get it. Tour operators are part of an industry, of a system where you as a traveller are just a number. A business transaction.

I believe in a better way to travel.

A way to experience life as it is meant to be lived. To inspire and to be encouraged.

This is why The Salt of Life exists.


Local people and lifestyle

Travel in contact with a local life

On journey you meet local people and have a chance to chat with them. You learn about unique lifestyle that Neapolitans have. They can invent a new job every day and many have no regular job.

It is impressive how the intuition is the real power of the city, how the irony is the way to live easier.

At the local marketplace we’ll buy ingredients together and a local lady will prepare lunch in her house. Everybody is friendly and proud to be from Naples.

Full Moon

Evenings are even more special

This journey takes place during the Full Moon. The event makes evening and night scenery special. Marechiaro, one of the most beautiful Neapolitan songs, talk about the moonlight that spread across the sea and provoke even the fish to make love. You learn it.

Now you sit on a panoramic terrace and enjoy a dinner with friends, we sip wine, lemonade, water. Full Moon makes the moment special. It rises now and spreads the moonlight across the bay.

Naples panorama
garage morelli naples
Pasta maker gragnano
Vesuvius crater
Leon Saksida travel maker

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Next date: 4th – 10th May 2020

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Journay back for 2000 years

After 25 minutes of walking you reach the volcanic crater of Vesuvius. Now you admire the big hole that conduct versus the center of the Earth, on the other side a panoramic view embrace the Gulf of Naples and Naples itself, islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, and also the location of Pompeii, the city buried by same volcano some 2000 years ago and you are looking forward to visit during this tour.

You’ve entered Pompeii through the Porta Marina, that led from the city to the harbour. You try to imagine what has happened here in 79 AD, you see unburied streets, squares, villas,… all with the volcano of Vesuvius at the background.

DSC_0888 detail
Fishing boats in Positano

Amalfi Coast

Italian landscape from your dream

Amazing landscape, scenery worth to view and live from various perspectives. You’ve left panoramic Ravelo and now step down between lemon gardens to Amalfi. This middle-age Maritime Republic is a pretty town where you have a look at some shops, sip a coffee, take photos…

Another perspective is to reach the sea from the mountain pass. We take a panoramic road that meanders between vineyards and gardens. If you decide, you go down by bicycle. We arrange that for you.

The Amalfi Coast you now explore by boat. You admire villages, vegetation, the sea, and beautiful villas that took position far in ancient times.

Positano is a fishing harbour that developed on ruins of a roman villa. You’ve landed here with a boat and now sip a wine and wait for local pasta. Around you is unique scenery with like bee-house houses, fishing boats are scattered in a black sand, shops with local Positano fashion …


In your life it is a must-see

The city of Naples with the volcano of Vesuvius is a unique scenery set in front of a beautiful bay. Important people appreciated the spot, fell in love with the city. It is the capital of best food and coffee, you enjoy panoramas across the Gulf of Naples, you discover interesting elements.

This special tour helps you understand the complexity of the city of Naples. You learn what makes this city comic-tragic, about intuition, irony, you stroll local markets and meet local people, feel the special lifestyle. The world of pizza, music, street level houses, castles, and villas all make Naples an amazing city.

And when you enter the underground Naples with cisterns, cellars, park houses,… you don’t know anymore who is mad, you or the city of Naples with its population.

intuition naples airport
tom and jerry in naples
Naples balcony street
Underground Naples
On street vendor

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Next date: 4th – 10th May 2020

Indicative travel program day-to-day

The tour starts on 4th of May, but I recommend you to join me the evening before in the hotel (on 3rd May). We pick you up at Naples airport or in the train station.

First day

  • Meeting at breakfast in Naples.
  • Morning time in Naples.
  • Island of Procida, meal.
  • Evening in Naples.
  • Dinner and overnight in Naples.

Second day

  • Breakfast.
  • Full day in Naples, meal.
  • Dinner and overnight in Naples.

Third day

  • Breakfast.
  • Volcano of Vesuvius.
  • Pasta making workshop, meal.
  • Panoramic way to Amalfi Coast.
  • Ceramic workshop.
  • Dinner, overnight in Paestum.

Fourth day

  • Breakfast in the dairy-farm.
  • The art of making Mozzarella.
  • Ruins of Paestum.
  • Pompeii
  • Drive to Sorrento.
  • Dinner and overnight in Sorrento.

Fifth day

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Positano.
  • Capri.
  • Dinner in Sorrento.
  • Overnight in Sorrento.

Sixth day

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Amalfi Coast.
  • Ravello.
  • Amalfi.
  • Dinner in Positano.
  • Overnight in Sorrento.

Seventh day

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Pompei.
  • Naples.
  • End of the tour at 17.00.
Solfatara naples

Flexibility and spontaneity

A sense of the current situation

Salt of Life travel is lean/flexible. We run it with sense. According to your feeling, weather, happenings, … we adapt it.

The program from this offer will be about the way/more or less as I present it. Anyway, only along the way it will get its final and unique shape.

This journey has spontaneous elements. That makes Salt of Life tours come alive.

I learned that it is better not to petrify you (a human) into a travel program, neither the world you travel in.

Panoramic restaurant Naples Italy
Private boat Positano Amalfi Coast
lunch on Positano beach
group on travel to amalfi coast naples

“The tour to Naples gave me just what I was searching for: depth and contact. A magnificent week with amazing people and great food. I wouldn’t change a thing, maybe i would like to have a day more there” 

Damijana Bole

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Next date: 4th – 10th May 2020

What is included?

6x Accommodation in the Salt of Life way

Hotel or accommodation for us is not something you only sleep in, so we choose – where possible – accommodation, which tells the guest about their destination. We sleep in hotels that once were mills, stables, palaces, have a special view or even underground.

The location of the accommodation is also important for a good travel – you are always at the center of the event.

Value: 420 eur

All necessary logistics at the destination

Logistic is quite different on Salt of Life tours and varies from destination to destination. It contributes greatly to the true experience of the destination. 

These are cariagges, bicycles, panoramic bicycles, horses, taxis, public transport, funiculars, boasts, a baloon flight … – all that will contribute to the true experience of the destination and to the current course of the trip.

Value: 380 eur

All foods are included throughout the journey

It is distributed throughout the day from morning to evening. Not only All – inclusive, the dishes you eat are local, authentic and of high quality. They are talking about their destination.

The same is true for the places where we eat, namely, cottages, restaurants, marketplaces, farmers, people, picnics in nature.

Value: 490 eur

Leon Saksida Tour operating and guiding

Each Salt of Life Travel is prepared by Leon Saksida personally and shows you through the trip how he sees the destination with which he lives and breathes for 25 years.

On the trip, he will be your guide and friend who will take care of you 100%.

Value: 327 eur

A varied selection of small and large items

These are things that a modern, time-limited traveler needs for a carefree and experienced trip. These are also things that are once again talking about the destination.

We can not define everything in the offer in advance because Salt of Life travel is taking place simultaneously. There is a lot of intuition, listening, spontaneity and improvisation, as well as surprises.

Simply, we do not know everything in advance, but we know that traveling for you is unforgettable. From travel to travel, this category of costs varies, for example, musicians, various tickets, cheeses, wine cellars, salt pans, fishermen’s contact with local people …

Value: 315 eur


Fully-managed itinerary.

Value: 386 eur

Your time has great value

Journey is optimised in a way that your time is extremely effective.

Value: Priceless!

Small group

This tour runs with maximum of 20 people.

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Next date: 4th – 10th May 2020

Travel Price


For full payment by March 31st we offer you an additional 51 eur discount so the price is only

1749 eur

2318 eur

Payment plan

  • 500 eur when you book
  • 300 eur by March 12th
  • 300 eur by May 1st
  • 100 eur every morning on the tour

All together 1800 €

What else do you get?

Additionally, we will add a movie about your trip, which you will relive for years and years, and you can also show it to your friends.

We will prepare the movie from the imagery of the most beautiful moments of the trip.

And for registration by 60 days prior to deparutre, we will also give you:

  • Transfers from & to the airport 
  • 4 packs of best pasta
  • Piece of local cheese
  • 500 g of locally blended coffee
  • overnight in the hotel the night prior to departure of the tour

Do not miss out, the price includes boat trips, coffees, beverages at meals (excellent wine, beer, water, lemonade) and water throughout the journey. And  much more.

Not included in the price

Relax and enjoy

What does this offer bring you?

For money that you dedicate to the Salt of Life travel you recharge your batteries with impressions, discoveries and insights, new people, inspiration, ideas, stories, … All this things will feed your life long after the trip.

On Salt of Life tour you are actively involved and you have a good time at once. This boosts your vitality.

A good travel should never be considered as an expenditure rather as an essential investment in your life.

Limoncello on the boat

Join us today

Only 20 places are available. A small group and a personal experience.

Terms and conditions


You can decide for payement plan A or plan B untill March 31st 2020.

Plan A - 1749 eur:

  • 500 eur upon check-in
  • 300 eur by January 12th
  • 300 eur by February 12th
  • 649 eur by March 31st

Plan B - 1800 eur:

  • 500 eur upon check-in
  • 300 eur by March 12 th
  • 300 eur by May 1st
  • on tour 7×100 eur (every day 100 eur)

General terms and conditions

Cancellation policy

  • 500 eur before February 12th
  • 1000 eur by March 12th
  • 1500 eur by March 31 st
  • 100% of the contract after 1 th of May

We are not classic agency that outsource work to other independent providers. On the contrary, in each trip, that is unique and unrepeatable, we invest a lot of time and effort. Also, the services included in the price are not from the range of services used by travel agencies, but by travelers and/or locals. General terms and conditions as well as the price are all a picture of this.

You can terminate the risk of cancellation insurance. In order to conclude this insurance, we have concluded a contract with the insurance company  We note that the insurance premium paid by the insurance company to the beneficiary in case of a loss event can also be lower than the above mentioned cancellation costs. The client is obliged, in any case, to settle all the obligations under this agreement to the tourist agency Kul-tur d.o.o. and to insure the insurance premium with the insurance company.

About all inclusive

It is the discretion of our company and the guide to pay drinks etc.. The abuse of any kind will not be permited.

The general conditions of Kul-tur d.o.o., which is the official carrier of The Salt of Life, apply. The general terms and conditions are here.

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Next date: 4th – 10th May 2020


We promise you a unique experience of Naples and its surroundings, which will inspire you for the rest of your life. You shouldn’t miss it.

The Salt of Life

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