A Journey across Cyclades


Recharge yourself in inspiring landscape and feel organic lifestyle.​

Next date: 15th -21st May 2019

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Price: 1749 eur

Pure Mediterranean

Islands as in your dream, an inspiring landscape

In Cyclades you reach places of extreme beauty and you nurture your imagination with what the life and the landscape in Mediterranean are.

As you go along, the journey unfolds you the countryside with villages and people. They welcome you in their life and show colorful gardens. You taste their home food and wine they make.

Other elements of Cyclades grows on you like stylish hotels and taverns with local food, and some amazing sunsets that you attend.

Well selected views across the caldera of Santorini and a perfect tasting of its wines will impress you for the rest of your life.

From organic to beyond your dreams​

The three selected Islands show you each one its distinct character. In Naxos you feel organic, in Folegandros you discover the village of your dream and in Santorini you go beyond your imagination.

Naxos is unique for organic lifestyle. People leave with the land, the sea and the sun. They approach the modernity with ease. You can feel it when you meet them, eat their products, chat.

In Folegandros you enter into a perfect scenery. Each of your steps surprises you with something new and fine. A tavern, set in a nostalgic square, invites you for a lunch. You sit under the three and enjoy local food.

Santorini as you see from selected angles seems to be beyond your dreams. Huge and almost black caldera rises from the blue sea. You wonder some perfect arhitectonic elements that fade with the volcanic nature of the island: a vinery, a restaurant, the place you sleep.

Pasta with clams
Castelnuovo, Naples
Pine tree naples
View from parco vergiliano

What makes this journey unique:

Care-free travel

Sit back and enjoy the experience

You travel across the Cyclades with no worries. In fact, you are here to inspire yourself, to enjoy your life. We take complete care of your trip and make it unforgettable.

In Naxos we let you stroll the meandering streets of the old town. Great chance to buy good stuff for gifts or for yourself. Or you take a beer in a local tavern. A bit later you join other fellow travelers to observe one of the best sunsets in Cyclades. Same in Santorini where your promenade turns into a meal at a beautiful restaurant.

For you the trip runs worry-free … You meet local people, spend some time with them.

Hotels are all beautiful, the best local food, drinks, entrances, transportation … everything is included. You don’t need to care about bills, costs, money.

H HOME (2)
Panoramic view from Sorrento

Through pristine world

Away from the mass tourism​

Your journey runs on patterns that distinct from those of travel industry. You will not feel the impact that mass tourism has left on Cyclades.

With us you approach the local life, you  opt for pristine and unadulterated world. It is our expertise to show you the authentic Mediterranean.

Panoramic view from Sorrento

Immersion in local life

On the way you enter the environment of local people and you meet them. They offer you food, a glass of wine, you exchange words with them.

Their lifestyle differs from yours and those of people you already know. It will help you to better understand the destination in general.

Inviting walks and strolling

It's all good for your well-being.

Pleasant walking is integral part of the Salt of Life experience. You stroll paths and roads that have some emotional potential.

By foot you reach gardens, a shepherd’s house, few archaeological sites. In villages, you discover squares and streets by foot.

To attend the sunsets in Naxos, Santorini and Folegandros, you go on foot. Regularly, we enfold our meals with walks and promenades.

Best pizza in the world

Local Food

Culinary is just like an art, talks about the place.

On this journey you eat the food that local people do. Cycladic kitchen is a variant of the Greek one,  ingredients change a bit.

Capers, local cheeses, sun dried tomatoes, special potatoes, citron …  differs the food of the islands.

But what really makes the difference and you experience it on this journey, is the food of Naxos.

Its inhabitants rely on high quality, locally produced ingredients. You see how they grow and you experience it. You feel the quality and notice the difference. It’s something else.

Best pizza in the world
Panoramic view from Sorrento

An organic island

Farmers, shepherds and inhabitants in general make Naxos organic.

In Naxos it’s the tradition to keep gardens with rich biodiversity, that in the rest of the world are rare. At the same location they grow tomato, abricots, lemons, cucumbers, grapes, pomegranates, chicken, a pig, cherries, nuts … just what ever could grow.

You, a Salt of Life traveller to Cyclades, have a chance to visit a couple of such gardens, where locals work with love. What they produce they use in family or exchange locally. With some gifts that we’ll take care of you will stop for a coffee, glass of wine, …

Similar to farming is in other sectors of local economy. It’s about their life in general not only about the food.

Naxos choose to live the modernity in its own way. I mean, they behave organic like in an abandoned island and they are fine with that. You feel it while you travel.

“It was the most beautiful travel in my life. Thank you for unconventional show of Naples and Campania, for particular panoramas, culinary experiences, … for everything that happened to me in the past days.”

Tanja Kukec Žilnik

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Next date: 15th -21st May 2019

pasta from gragnano
Mozzarella making
tomato from vesuvius

“Bravo Leon,

maybe someone from your readers thinks that you are  “full of it”. 

It is not true – visiting Naples and its surroundings with Leon is an amazing experience. 

A hello to everyone still on the fence. This was the best trip I ever had!” 

Marko Drakskobler

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Next date: 15th -21st May 2019

Singer plays neapolitan songs

Local crafts

As you stroll you meet craftsmen and shops

Part of the journey is a break in the old town of Naxos. The place is good to look at local products. Part of them are made straight there in workshops, others are from the island or from mainland Greece. You see objects of craft-art, jewelry and Greek-style fashion. You can find also beautiful T-shirts.

Also in other villages of Naxos and in Folegandros we suggest you to pay a visit in local shops. To learn what they make. You will see inspiring goods, maybe buy something.

In the island of Santorini probably the best choice is Santorini wine.

Santorini wine

Perfect winery for great wines

Santorini is a volcanic desert. Grapes grow organic, the quantity is scarce. Hence, the wines are great.

You, a Salt of Life traveller, enter a perfect vinery. It was designed in style to enhance the experience of tasting great Santorini wines.

You listen to how the sea, sun, winds and volcanic soil define the wine production and wines. While you taste different wines you feel that Santorini is a volcano.

In Naxos the story is different. Wines in Naxos are coherent with the organic way of living the island. People mostly produce wine at home in the most traditional, original way. During the journey you sip wine with locals, the same that they or their uncle or grandfather produce.

Pompeii and Vesuvius

A New Way to Explore the Mediterranean

Hi, my name is Leon.

The Salt of Life was born 15 years ago from a passion for experiencing life and the world around us. Landscapes, people, nature, markets, food …

… But it wasn’t always this way.

I spent years travelling the Mediterranean as a tour guide and manager for the mainstream travel agencies.

Sure I developed an intimate knowledge of the destinations, but it drove me crazy!

The programs the tour operators put together were dull and boring. I longed to show people the real Mediterranean. To share a glass of local wine and a smile and a beautiful sunset. But my hands were tied.

Trying to get the agencies to change was like banging my head against the wall. They refused to listen! I get it. Tour operators are part of an industry, of a system where you as a traveller are just a number. A business transaction.

I believe in a better way to travel.

A way to experience life as it is meant to be lived. To inspire and to be encouraged.

This is why The Salt of Life exists.

Daily invented job

Cycladic architecture

Smooth-edged corners give out a sense of freedom.

Greek Islands of Cyclades are beautiful also for its own architectural style. It makes special visual effect on the landscape. White churches, windmills, and houses in villages and towns are built in a style that developed across the centuries.
Recently many buildings have been renewed and revitalised. Now host shops, restaurants, hotels … and make part of your itinerary. You drink coffee, eat local food, attend the craft-artist at work …
Recently, with notable talent, also a NEO cycladic architecture style evolved. It integrates modern needs with the tradition and makes your travel pretty beautiful. In stylish vinery you taste Santorini wines, a pleasant hotel opens you its door and you sleep in …

Daily invented job

Memorable Sunsets

On each of the three islands we’ll pay special attention to sunsets.

In Naxos you reach a smaller island where the Apollon temple was built. Now the only remain is the so called Portara. It’s a perfect spot to admire the sunset.

In Folegandros In Folegandros you’ll climb a panoramic hill above the Chora village to assist a unique sunset. You see the Sun landing into the sea on the west and simultaneously at the time of the full moon rising it up on the East.

In Santorini we take you to a special location to attend the sunset. Firstly the Sun hide itself for some minutes behind a Colorado-like cliff. Then,  you see the sun again and while you walk on the edge of caldera, you assist the day turning into the night.

It’s time to dine and chat now …

Scenic places to eat

Enjoy food in locations that in themselves make sense to experience.

You dine in a restaurant set in a revitalised windmill. Your lunch takes place under the morus tree on the village square. In another place Marusha is happy to welcome you in her tavern where you eat on the beach.

In an old tavern through which generations of locals passed through you stop for a meal. And a picnic with local people in a farm, another in the shepherd’s cottage …
Or imagine the breakfasts. One takes place in an organic garden, another, in Santorini, with the volcano view.

You see, every moment of your travel is thought to give you the best experience. Believe us, we think when and where  the full moon appears too.

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Enchanting Full Moon

Travel is even more special

The world is even more beautiful when enlightened by the full moon. In Cyclades you admire the countryside, the sea and mountains when coloured by the moonlight. In fact, we try to run our best travels during this lunar phase.

Full moon time is even more special and makes sunsets even more inspiring – the moon rises on the east simultaneously with the sun setting on the west. It’s really special. 

Full Moon in Positano
Naples panorama
garage morelli naples
Pasta maker gragnano
Vesuvius crater
Leon Saksida travel maker

Are Salt of Life tours suitable for you?

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Next date: 15th -21st May 2019

Feel Naxos

Particular kind of countryside

On the journey you live a variety of original experiences. In the Naxos countryside you spend time in villages and with local people. Farmers, shepherds and simple peasants welcome you to taste homemade wine and to try the food they eat.

For a perfect swim you reach a remote beach at the end of a scenic valley. Olive trees and Mediterranean oaks grow there, shepherds guard their cattles. We pay a visit to Dimitris or Iannis. They are happy to make you taste the wine, cheese, and meat they make.

In the town of Chora you reach the castrum, fishing harbour and archaeological Portara. Near the town you stroll in perfect litoral with violet lagoons, common reed and beautiful sea.

DSC_0888 detail
Fishing boats in Positano


Absorb a Geo-marine volcanic desert

Santorini are the remains of a huge volcanic cone that collapsed into the sea some 3500 years ago. Now, black volcanic slopes and red cliffs rise from the blue Aegean and form an enormous caldera.

The landscape you experience is unique. Geologically, the island is a destroyed volcano in the middle of the sea. The scenery is unique.

Culturally, in this volcanic desert beaten by the sun and sea winds a man arranged windmills, original architecture, vineyards, and makes great wines.

You absorb all of it in its best: you taste perfect wines in a perfect winery, have best panoramic views, enjoy a local dinner and special sunset, sleep in original Cycladic style hotel.


Small Island with only 700 inhabitants

In a search for the forgotten Greek island you land in Folegandros. On the plateau above the sea you discover Chora. A pure Mediterranean village has been restored with the perfection. If you imagine a village from a movie or a novel, that’s it.

Houses are set in a castrum and around it. There beautiful squares with few taverns and bars, a panoramic church with a great view, some perfect places to stay. It’s idyllic place to enrich the trip to Cyclades.

Your lunch takes place in original tavern, you sip a coffee, stroll and attend the sunset close to panoramic Church.

intuition naples airport

With cabrio cars

You have a chance to drive, if you want, a lean Fiat 500 cabriolet. It is original experience to turn around the island of Naxos with it. With the roof opened you taste and smell the air, the view is perfect, the sun has more power.
Expect to drive. It is not obligatory, but you will have great fun.

In friendship

On this tour you meet other people that are happy to travel together. Some of them know each other. They are couples, single, families.  All they love to enjoy the journey, to share same travel experiences, make new acquaintances.

DSC_0888 detail
tom and jerry in naples
Naples balcony street
Underground Naples
On street vendor

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Next date: 15th -21st May 2019

Indicative travel program day-to-day

The tour starts on 15th of May 2019, but I recommend you to join me the evening before (14th May) and have a rest. We pick you up at the Santorini airport or in the harbour.

15th May 2019 - Wednesday

  • Breakfast.
  • Boat to Naxos.
  • Olive tree garedns
  • Lunch in Halki village
  • Temple of Demeter.
  • Dinner, overnight in Naxos.

16th May 2019 - Thursday

  • Breakfast.
  • Full day in Naxos.
  • Countryside, villages
  • Meal and coffee
  • Local gardens
  • Dinner and overnight in Naxos.

17th May 2019 - Friday

  • Breakfast in Agia Ana.
  • Violet lagoons.
  • Walk on the beach and lunch
  • Chora town.
  • Sunset at Portara
  • Dinner, overnight in Naxos.

18th May 2019 - Sathurday

  • Breakfast.
  • Panoramic church.
  • Picnic with local people.
  • Evening in town of Chora
  • Overnight in Naxos.
  • Fullmoon

19th May 2019 - Sunday

  • Breakfast and boat to Folegandros
  • Visit of the village
  • Lunch
  • Across the island.
  • Sunset (the moon is still full)
  • Dinner

20th May 2019 - Wednesday

  • Breakfast and boat to Santorini.
  • Panoramas
  • Wine tasting and meal
  • Strolling the crater
  • Sunset & Dinner 
  • Overnight in Santorini

21st May 2019 - Tuesday

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • You decide to see Oia or
  • The cliff of Skoros
  • End of the tour at 17.00.
Solfatara naples

Flexibility and spontaneity

A sense of the current situation

Salt of Life travel is lean/flexible. We run it with sense. According to your feeling, weather, happenings, … we adapt it.

The program from this offer will be about the way/more or less as I present it. Anyway, only along the way it will get its final and unique shape.

This journey has spontaneous elements. That makes Salt of Life tours come alive.

I learned that it is better not to petrify you (a human) into a travel program, neither the world you travel in.

Panoramic restaurant Naples Italy
Private boat Positano Amalfi Coast
lunch on Positano beach
group on travel to amalfi coast naples

“The tour to Naples gave me just what I was searching for: depth and contact. A magnificent week with amazing people and great food. I wouldn’t change a thing, maybe i would like to have a day more there” 

Damijana Bole

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Next date: 15th -21st May 2019

What is included?

6x Accommodation in the Salt of Life way

Hotel or accommodation for us is not something you only sleep in, so we choose – where possible – accommodation, which tells the guest about their destination. We sleep in hotels that once were mills, stables, palaces, have a special view or even underground.

The location of the accommodation is also important for a good travel – you are always at the center of the event.

Value: 420 eur

All necessary logistics at the destination

Logistic is quite different on Salt of Life tours and varies from destination to destination. It contributes greatly to the true experience of the destination. 

These are cariagges, bicycles, panoramic bicycles, horses, taxis, public transport, funiculars, boasts, a baloon flight … – all that will contribute to the true experience of the destination and to the current course of the trip.

Value: 380 eur

All foods are included throughout the journey

It is distributed throughout the day from morning to evening. Not only All – inclusive, the dishes you eat are local, authentic and of high quality. They are talking about their destination.

The same is true for the places where we eat, namely, cottages, restaurants, marketplaces, farmers, people, picnics in nature.

Value: 490 eur

Leon Saksida Tour operating and guiding

Each Salt of Life Travel is prepared by Leon Saksida personally and shows you through the trip how he sees the destination with which he lives and breathes for 25 years.

On the trip, he will be your guide and friend who will take care of you 100%.

Value: 327 eur

A varied selection of small and large items

These are things that a modern, time-limited traveler needs for a carefree and experienced trip. These are also things that are once again talking about the destination.

We can not define everything in the offer in advance because Salt of Life travel is taking place simultaneously. There is a lot of intuition, listening, spontaneity and improvisation, as well as surprises.

Simply, we do not know everything in advance, but we know that traveling for you is unforgettable. From travel to travel, this category of costs varies, for example, musicians, various tickets, cheeses, wine cellars, salt pans, fishermen’s contact with local people …

Value: 315 eur


Fully-managed itinerary.

Value: 386 eur

Your time has great value

Journey is optimised in a way that your time is extremely effective.

Value: Priceless!

Small group

This tour runs with maximum of 20 people.

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Next date: 15th -21st May 2019

Travel Price


For full payment by May 1st 2019 we offer you an additional 51 eur discount so the price is only

1749 eur

2318 eur

Payment plan

  • 500 eur when you book.
  • 300 eur by April 5th.
  • 300 eur by May 5th.
  • 100 eur every morning on the tour. 

All together 1800 €

What else do you get?

Additionally, we will add a movie about your trip, which you will relive for years and years, and you can also show it to your friends.

We will prepare the movie from the imagery of the most beautiful moments of the trip.

And for registration by 60 days prior to deparutre, we will also give you:

  • Transfers from & to the airport 
  • 2 bottles of Santorini wine
  • A beautiful T-shirt from Naxos
  • 500 mll of Kitron from Naxos
  • overnight in the hotel the night prior to departure of the tour

Do not miss out, the price includes boat trips, coffees, beverages at meals (excellent wine, beer, water, lemonade) and water throughout the journey. And  much more.

Not included in the price

Relax and enjoy

What does this offer bring you?

For money that you dedicate to the Salt of Life travel you recharge your batteries with impressions, discoveries and insights, new people, inspiration, ideas, stories, … All this things will feed your life long after the trip.

On Salt of Life tour you are actively involved and you have a good time at once. This boosts your vitality.

A good travel should never be considered as an expenditure rather as an essential investment in your life.

Limoncello on the boat

Join us today

Only 20 places are available. A small group and a personal experience.

Terms and conditions


You can decide for payement plan A or plan B untill May 1st 2019.

Plan A - 1749 eur:

  • 500 eur upon check-in
  • 300 eur by April 5th
  • 300 eur by April 20th
  • 649 eur by May 1st

Plan B - 1800 eur:

  • 500 eur upon check-in
  • 300 eur by April 5 th
  • 300 eur by May 5th
  • on tour 7×100 eur (every day 100 eur)

General terms and conditions

Cancellation policy

  • 500 eur before April 5th
  • 1000 eur by April 20 th
  • 1500 eur by May 1 st
  • 100% of the contract after 12th of May

We are not classic agency that outsource work to other independent providers. On the contrary, in each trip, that is unique and unrepeatable, we invest a lot of time and effort. Also, the services included in the price are not from the range of services used by travel agencies, but by travelers and/or locals. General terms and conditions as well as the price are all a picture of this.

You can terminate the risk of cancellation insurance. In order to conclude this insurance, we have concluded a contract with the insurance company Adriatic Slovenica. We note that the insurance premium paid by the insurance company to the beneficiary in case of a loss event can also be lower than the above mentioned cancellation costs. The client is obliged, in any case, to settle all the obligations under this agreement to the tourist agency Mirttors and to insure the insurance premium with the insurance company Adriatic Slovenica.

About all inclusive

It is the discretion of our company and the guide to pay drinks etc.. The abuse of any kind will not be permited.

The general conditions of TA Mirttours, which is the official carrier of The Salt of Life, apply. The general terms and conditions are on mirttours.si pages.

Ready for an adventure?

Next date: 15th -21st May 2019


We promise you a unique experience of Cyclades, which will inspire you for the rest of your life. You shouldn’t miss it.

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